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Healthcare in Australia currently consumes over 14 million dollars every hour, but with an ageing population and new, highly effective, but very expensive treatments emerging all the time, it is rapidly becoming unaffordable. Yet, we have shown that Australians (both adults and children) get appropriate healthcare only about half the time.

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Why is this so? The reasons are complex, but include problems with national clinical practice guidelines (such as, being out-of-date, hard to understand, and not aligned with work-flow) and with the attitudes of many health professionals and patients to them (such as, regarding them as not being tailored to individuals and being of dubious origin). In any event, it is clear that it is becoming urgent to phase out care that is not appropriate and use our finite resources on care that is.

We need to determine what care is appropriate, make and keep updated clear recommendations backed by evidence, and then present these to health professionals, carers and patients in ways that are accessible, useable and clear.

We have designed an inclusive, transparent, wiki-based way of developing recommendations and presenting them, with their evidence-base, in plain English. These arise from existing national and international clinical practice guidelines, and have been refined by Australian clinical experts, researchers and consumers. We are seeking people from all walks of life with an interest to comment on these recommendations to try to ensure they are fit-for-purpose. All comments or suggestions will be considered, and responses will be logged as part of the process.

We ask that you register – so that conflicts of interest can be accounted for – and enhance our objectively developed recommendations by your input.